Luxury Vinyl Tile (Commercial)

Vinyl sheet flooring
Vinyl sheet flooring

Every day quality Living spaces are an expression of our individual attitude to life and of our own demands. For us, making high demands means having a special awareness for quality. Sarina flooring offers premium products for quality living. The quality of Luxury Vinyl Tile can be seen in the use of high-value, beneficial materials for home-living, perfect finishing and critical flair for natural impressions and stylish design.

In terms of the development and manufacture of innovative vinyl tile, Sarina flooring consistently caters for the demands of it’s’ customers. Whether they are made of solid material or with an HDF core board, Parador vinyl floors are very durable, easy to clean and therefore suitable for heavily used living areas and, depending on the wear rating, also for commercial use. Parador vinyl flooring impresses with a high benefit level based on contemporary technology

Luxury Vinyl Flooring

Sarina flooring provides the best solid floor for all our customers in Lahore, Islamabad, and Rawalpindi. Contact us today to choose the best for your home or offices.

Healthy living

Luxury Vinyl Tile is produced exclusively from carefully selected materials that are healthy in the home. Quality controls along the entire value creation chain guarantee that products are harmless for people and the environment.

Home comfort

The elastic surface of Luxury Vinyl Tile is kind on the joints and pleasantly warm to the feet. Noises are insulated resulting in pleasant room acoustics. Vinyl floors are easy to clean and therefore perfectly suitable for households with children and pets.


The special surface coating on Luxury Vinyl Tile floors has a repellent effect against dirt and bacteria. Various wear classes guarantee a durability level to suit the use of the space. The support material on vinyl has increased swell protection, meaning that the floor can be used anywhere in the home area. Vinyl made of solid material does not use any wood at all in its product composition and can therefore also be perfectly used in damp areas, such as bathrooms, on a suitable subfloor. Both product lines are suitable for installation on under-floor heating systems.


Due to its overall thickness, particularly in the case of solid vinyl, Luxury Vinyl Tile flooring is also very easy to use for renovations. It can be installed quickly and neatly and is immediately ready to use.

Intelligent Installation

Secure connections guarantee fitting accuracy and stability. Sarina floors are equipped with special click connections, which guarantee effortless and safe installation as well as a perfect installation pattern.

Variety of Designs

Sarina floors strike a chord by their variety of designs, which follow international trends. All decors in the Classic and Trend time assortments are available as solid vinyl.