Sports Flooring

Sarina Flooring offers the perfect solution for all users, from low impact activities through elite and performance sports. Our range of sprung sports floor systems has been specially developed to cater for the needs of multi-sport & multi-use plus to suit the requirements of individual facilities. The first principle of balanced choice tells us that people who live, play, learn and heal in balanced environments are happier and more efficient than others. It’s all about attaining the right balance of feature and aesthetics, even if meaning incorporating many sports into one area that’s why Sarina Flooring introduce Sports Flooring. Each detail has to serve a particular or multiple features, as well as tie into the overall area design. When it comes to sports, games and leisure venues, we know that the safety and luxury of your customers is your top priority. We’ve got an entire portfolio of ground coverings to cover your necessities without compromising at the fashion and visible impact of your venue.

Sport Floor Specifications

Sarina flooring provides the best sports floor in Pakistan. Contact us today to choose the best for your sport halls and sports courts.

Super Surprising Absorption

Ground floor absorbs influences from jumps and protects the joints and muscle mass worried, making exercise an extra. Relaxed and enjoyable experience.

Vertical Deformation

Top notch energy return permits athletes to increase their on-court overall performance. Advanced vertical balance gets rid of “region” indentation.

Superb Ball Bouncing Ability

A good sports activities ground has the same ball jump in all regions and all across the ground.

Sliding Stuff

Most excellent slip coefficient gives natural grip keeping off falls and injuries, offers a secure playing surface. Our best performance sports floors are designed for uncompromising overall performance, and lots of them use recycled or recyclable materials for environmental friendliness. With a large choice of overall performance hardwood flooring, rolled vinyl floors, rubber floors, pad and pour structures, wet area floors, and modular flooring products available, our sports flooring has the athletic floor it’s ideally suited on your wishes.

From concept to completion, our experienced crew of sales and set up experts can cope with the whole assignment and will complete their assigned task carefully to meet your specific timeline and finances necessities. In case you want an athletic ground for your facility that is custom tailored for your unique necessities, contact Sarina sports floors today to talk over with our athletic ground specialists at Rawalpindi: 051-4935531-32, Lahore: 042-37429613-14, Islamabad: 051-4493080. You may send us the email at ,

Our crew is well-experienced and well-educated to deal with any kind of situation.

The services we provide are backed by the complete manufacturer’s warranty and authentic even after the sale. We have the essential technical and professional group of workers for returned-up centers to perform all services for marketing, income, installation and after the product is sold out.