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Wooden floor

The solid wood floor is made from high-quality timber or bamboo wood, offering warmth and a cozy feel in homes, hotels, shops, and offices. This is the attraction of timber hardwood flooring and every residence receives its very own ecosystem. A solid hardwood floor has a natural beauty that gives unlimited layout alternatives to a room. Right here you will locate our wide product variety of wooden floors, floor types, colorations, and textures.

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Our artisans are experts in precision installation, genuinely blending old-fashioned hardwood or fashionable engineered wood into your home or office. Our designers work closely with the customer and utilize a wide range of wood species and various finishes and patterns that will be most suited to your style.
Extend the life of existing floors by providing restoration and refinishing services with environmentally-friendly finishes. With our complete maintenance services, including cleaning, polishing, and efficient repairs, you can be assured of preserving the beauty of your wooden floors for years to come. We guarantee exquisite attention to detail and a foundation that will last the ages.


  • Timeless Aesthetics: Wood floors are a classy, timeless look for any room space. But its natural beauty and warmth never go out of fashion.
  • Versatile Design Options: Select from a vast range of wood species, colors, and finishes suitable for all tastes.
  • Durability and Longevity: Flooring that will stand the test of time is worth investing in.
  • Easy Maintenance: As a low-maintenance material, wooden flooring can look as good as new with regular, simple care.
  • Improved Indoor Air Quality: Since wooden floors don’t hold allergens and dust the way carpets do, they help improve indoor air quality.
  • Enhanced Resale Value: Prospective buyers not only consider that wooden floors give a home or office an elegant look but also the value it offers post-installation.
  • Sustainability Matters: Made from sustainable forests and coated with environmentally friendly materials.

Our Proven Success

Sarina Flooring has been supplying and installing commercial office floor coverings like carpet tiles, vinyl flooring, and entrance mattings for the last 40 years. Our fully committed and trained staff provides you with excellent services of Sports flooring in Pakistan at competitive prices. For us, customer satisfaction is the best reward. We use high-quality flooring material perfectly suitable for your commercial building.

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Why choose Wooden flooring only?

Maintain that value of timeless beauty and choose hardwood flooring to lend your space a patina of forever-elegant glamour. Wood floors are classic and universal in their aesthetics, can be used with several different interior design styles, and offer unparalleled durability, easier maintenance, better indoor air quality, and a long-term property value increase. Use Sarina’s beautiful and practical laminate wood and Turn your home into a classic oasis of style. We provide strong bamboo wood solid flooring of the best quality to the entire Pakistan. Explore and locate the proper look for your room today by visiting us in Rawalpindi, Lahore, and Islamabad.

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Contact us now for an exceptional flooring tour and consultation. Our experts will sort out any of your flooring problems with a plan you will cherish for life. With a variety of designs and patterns, we are your exceptional service provider.