Raised Floor

Raised Flooring

We offer composite raised flooring solutions. Raised flooring is available independently or as part of a complete packaged approach to composite flooring design, supply and installation. We can show you the correct products and services available to you and establish the best solution for your needs.

Raised flooring is an arrangement of modular elements designed for the indoor and outdoor floors of home or organization. This effective technology makes it possible to create a continuous technical space underneath the floor to accommodate all the various varieties of cabling: electrics, plumbing, telephone, records transmission networks, climate manage, and safety. This is possible because of its light-weight, completely dry construction set-up, which includes best-assisting structure.

Why was raised flooring needed?

While evaluating the need for raised flooring the first thing that comes to our mind is a use of it in early days for PC room and it was frequently called the “raised ground space.” As a raised flooring system facilitate us for underground wiring and underground cooling system and it helps to maintain the room temperature according to our requirements.

advantages in terms of role and appearance:

Sarina flooring provides the best raised flooring in Pakistan. Contact us today to choose the best for your home or offices.

Fast installation

Whether you are in a new home or an organization; try raised flooring, and the ground is ready to be used immediately.

Low Cost

In terms of constructing’s existence cycle.

Layout flexibility

And the possibility to alternate the original design even all through the installation itself.

Diverse Integration

Integration with different finishing techniques, together with partition walls and suspended ceilings.


High potential for customization, each within the choice of the finishing fabric and its coloration.

Moving Installations

Raised flooring make it easy for moving installations from any place on the raised floor.

Cost Effectiveness

The building can be air-conditioned from the flooring, saving energy cost. The houses with this system are air conditioning and allow expelling cool-warm air from perforated panels to the room. Wiring, air-conditioning device installation and the repairing service charges are decreased.

Invisible Electrical wiring etc

No wires are visible inside the room which increases the aesthetic quality.

Desired Adjustments

Tiles permit adjustments in the distribution of the areas on the building in line with the customer desires.

Some other benefits

* Strength, power, communique, and facts based systems may be housed at the plenum. * The opportunity of elevating the machine over a meter allows the leveling of the rooms at one-of-a-kind heights. * Maximum heavy-load potential systems that allow heavy equipment to rest on without the need for benches or every other helping device.

The usage of recycling materials and Playgroup’s commitment to the environment made raised flooring worthy with the certification Green or Lead for your home and an organization.
There are an endless wide variety of finishes that may be used for your floors of Polygroup, including granite, porcelain, or wood. This enables the opportunities of variation to the ornament and shades of the regions wherein these are applied.
Its miles a ground characterized by using its stability and sturdiness, and if you need to make modifications of tiles is always simpler than in normal flooring.
In Short, Sarina Flooring provides best-raised flooring product in shape of tiles along with installation services in Rawalpindi, Islamabad, and Lahore. We have the best and experienced workers to deal with your floors. Sarina Flooring was established in 1981 and now we have experienced 37 years in serving our nation and making them proud.