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Vinyl Tiles

We hold firmly the best quality vinyl flooring at Sarina Flooring. We have a famous laminate flooring brand such as Robina Flooring (Malaysian). Robina Flooring is a member of the Robin Group of companies, a wood industrial conglomerate with an established history in diverse businesses such as oil-rig construction, shipbuilding, property development, etc. It will add an extra touch of beauty and sophistication to your personal or business space. We provide high-quality and luxurious vinyl flooring choices that are perfect in style and purpose and last for a long time. You can choose from the wide range of luxury vinyl flooring solutions available at our store.

Vinyl Flooring Service

The Sarina Flooring company highly tests vinyl flooring to ensure its durability and high standard quality. We prioritize contentment by offering particular team services that help you in selecting the right vinyl flooring. Be it self-adhesive flooring, vinyl plates, or vinyl tiles. Every option that our personnel chooses for you, goes with your lifestyle and choices. We are proud to provide the best-designed and long-lasting flooring solutions countrywide.


  • Durability Redefined: Our vinyl flooring is designed to be durable for daily life challenges. It provides an aesthetically pleasing sight of creativity while being long-lasting.
  • Aesthetic Versatility: Our vinyl flooring provides the perfect look that natural floorings provide and comes with a state-of-the-art design.
  • Easy Maintenance:
    Use low-maintenance floors and enjoy the ease of living. Our vinyl options have the following properties.
  • Comfort¬† Underfoot: The construction of our flooring is perfect because it allows for thermal insulation and creates a comfortable environment.

Our Proven Success

Sarina Flooring has been supplying and installing commercial office floor coverings like carpet tiles, vinyl flooring, and entrance mattings for the last 40 years. Our fully committed and trained staff provides you with excellent services of Sports flooring in Pakistan at competitive prices. For us, customer satisfaction is the best reward. We use high-quality flooring material perfectly suitable for your commercial building.

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Why Choose Vinyl Flooring?

Choosing vinyl for flooring will provide the perfect models and practicality in our homes. Vinyl flooring is popular because it is highly resistant to wear and tear. It provides a way that is cost-effective and doesn’t compromise aesthetic look while providing alternatives to natural materials. Vinyl flooring is preferred because it is easy to clean and minimizes scratches, making it retain its look. Vinyl is a highly durable, elegant, and reliable flooring solution that ensures comfort and peace of mind.

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Contact us now for an exceptional flooring tour and consultation. Our experts will sort out any of your flooring problems with a plan you will cherish for life. With a variety of designs and patterns, we are your exceptional service provider.