Luxury Vinyl Tile

Our laminate flooring is durable and elegant product which is easy to clean and environmental friendly. We have a wide range of laminate flooring brands such as Robina(Malaysian) Creative(Chinese) etc.

Robina Flooring is a member of the Robin Group of companies, a wood industrial conglomerate with an established history in diverse businesses such as oil-rig construction, shipbuilding, properties development and etc.

Quality Raw Materials makes quality products

At Robina, Quality Consistency is our main priority. Hence, we utilize only the quality assured raw materials as a commitment to excellent products.

Equipped with start-of-art German machinery and advanced technology, Robina Flooring is operating with a short-cycle surface finishing press line (Dieffenbacher) and two precise profiling machines (from Torwegger & Homag respectively).

Utilizing only the best quality core materials: paper components 100% Europe origin; tropical hardwood HDF in-house-supplied from Robin Resources with the highest specification ensured, Robina Flooring is committed to delivering high-quality laminate flooring products that meet with international standards.

With a factory built-up area or 15,000m², Robina Flooring has a total production capacity of 5 million m² per year. Customer’s satisfaction is guaranteed by continual improvement, the input of new decors and product features to meet the versatile industry worldwide demands without compromising the quality.