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EPDM Floor

EPDM Flooring is a synthetic rubber made from ethylene, propylene, and diene monomers. It has great tensile strength and is very resistant to environmental stresses. EPDM sheets are used as a flooring material and are widely used for safety in playgrounds as it is non-toxic and children-safe. Not that it is used in playgrounds, it is also used in gyms, sports academies, badminton, and tennis fields, and kindergarten. We provide you with high-quality and durable EPDM flooring services. Sarina Flooring takes pride in delivering aesthetically pleasing and high-durability rubber flooring.

EPDM flooring service

We believe in the best for our customers; hence, every individual gets assigned a designated consultant who notes every detail our client provides and consults them about the relevant color schemes and designs per their required area. We have trained and skilled professionals who ensure precise installation throughout and fall. They cater to various environments and base conditions and alter the preparatory kit accordingly.
Every step is curated according to the client’s demands and needs. We prepare a classic solution that fits their needs. The color logo and ideas are curated according to the client’s requirements and then finalized for installation. Our quality assurance team is unwavering. We choose only the best premium grade EPDM materials to ensure the flooring experience goes exceptional.


  • LONGER LIFE SPAN: EPDM FLOOR TILES is renowned for its performance.
  • SAFETY CAUTIOUS: Safety is a top priority when it comes to flooring.
  • RESILIENCE: Be it an outdoor playground or an indoor activity station.
  • DESIGN VERSATILITY: A wide range of colors and patterns are available in EPDM flooring.
  • COST-EFFECTIVENESS: EPDM flooring is an effective way to minimize your cost.
  • EASE OF INSTALLATION: Unlike other floors, where one needs extensive preparatory work before installation, EDPM flooring requires less.

Our Proven Success

Sarina Flooring has been supplying and installing commercial office floor coverings like carpet tiles, vinyl flooring, and entrance mattings for the last 40 years. Our fully committed and trained staff provides you with excellent services of Sports flooring in Pakistan at competitive prices. For us, customer satisfaction is the best reward. We use high-quality flooring material perfectly suitable for your commercial building.

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Why Choose Us for EPDM Flooring?

EPDM flooring Is a rubber flooring solution for legitimate flooring issues. EPDM is an acceptable option for places with heavy footfall and safety hazards. For sports facilities or playgrounds, it works wonders. The rubber flooring trumps all regular flooring in wear and tear and maintenance.
An EPDM mat is not just shock absorbent but also weather resistant. It can absorb moisture, unlike other traditional flooring. It can be your next gym mat so your feet won’t hurt while you engage in your physical well-being. It’s sustainable; hence, its lifespan is beyond that of regular flooring.

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