Sarina Flooring imports best quality carpet tiles and selling at the lowest prices. We hold large stocks of vibrant colors which are ready for immediate installation and dispatch to homes and offices. From premium commercial tiles to quality domestic carpet tiles, our products have the versatility to be used in any setting.

Additionally known as squares or modular, are a modern and stylish alternative to standard carpet rolls. The tiles are easier to install and un install. Standard carpets rolls are used often in an organization, schools, airports, and even they’re very good addition to offices and residences.

Style and Varieties of Carpet Tiles

Carpet tiles are available in many special patterns and shades. Even they’re available in:

carpet tiles
Pile Patterns
Different Sizes
Multiple fiber types
Diverse Qualities

This means you may likely find a tile service equal to the role of carpet you were considering or could have otherwise used in your house. Besides layout, the primary difference among popular carpet rolls is the tile backing cloth. Carpet tiles backing fabric options include vinyl, fiberglass, vinyl/fiberglass, urethane, woven polypropylene, and recycled vinyl. Quality backing systems are crucial because they offer dimensional stability and assist carpet tiles to face up to moisture.

Along with specific backing alternatives, tiles are available in each non-adhesive and adhesive styles. You have a peel-and-stick returned or require glue. Each form of tiles are best for do-it-yourself projects and can be eliminated with relative ease, need to you ever need to.

Why select carpet tiles?
One of the high-quality benefits of carpet tiles is they will let you blend and in shape products, colorings and systems to in shape any fashion of indoors layout. It really is hip to be square!

Our tiles are:

  • Better acoustics, air quality and on foot consolation.
  • Clean to put in, preserve and replace.
  • Top notch safety, creativity, and sustainability.

Carpet Tiles:
In our experience, we’ve located that completely realistic solution for those who need a flooring as this is value powerful, easy, rapid and fashionable.
You may design your own unique flooring sample. They may be laid over current floors without the need for underlay making installation of an alternative.

These are also popular for its cleaning, easy-maintaining nature, and if one gets damaged, the complete floor doesn’t need redoing, you could without problems simply update the only.

Sarina flooring provides the best tiles in Lahore, Islamabad, and Rawalpindi. Call us Rawalpindi: 051-4935531-32 Lahore: 042-37429613-14 Islamabad: 051-4493080 for any query. For us, customer satisfaction is our first priority.