Anti-Bacterial Flooring in Pakistan

Eco-sustainability is an important feature that is associated with Anti-Bacterial Flooring in Pakistan. Thus, anti-microbial and anti-bacterial flooring are needed in hospitals of Pakistan, dental and veterinary clinics, and moreover, in kitchens and restaurants. Even there is the dire need for anti-bacterial flooring in the hygiene and hospitality industry too. 

Flooring is important to factor in the healthcare industry. If you’re hunting for a safe flooring option for the hospitals or any other division of healthcare. Then we should laser-focused on end-user and these are patients who need to keep safe from any infections or disease. The floor should be durable and non-slippery and control other environmental concerns.

Hospital Flooring materials

We have covered so many aspects of antibacterial flooring, and it’s important in the healthcare industry too. Now we’re going to dwell more on certain types of flooring options and how you can make the most informed decision regarding your facility requirement. 


The PVC is considered one of the best floorings for the healthcare sector. It comes in different variants such as plastic, tiles, and wood, etc. In short, it comes in many looks and shapes. Due to its antibacterial qualities, it can be an alternative to carpets and porous tiles.

Luxury Vinyl Tile:

This tough healthcare Anti-Bacterial Flooring in Pakistan option requires very little maintenance. Though, it has very good durability. LVT is one of the most important flooring products. It is very easy to install due to its high potency of durability which is waterproof. It is very ideal for high footfall hospitals. 

Sheet Vinyl:

This flooring product comes in sheets up to eight-feet wide with 3-4 millimeters in thickness. There are fewest seams. This flooring has been mainstream choice clinics, hospitals, and medical facilities for decades. The surface of the floor is admirable for repelling germs. However, it is easier to clean and maintain. 


The rubber flooring is very popular. The rubber material differentiates the interior with a seamless installation. The Rubber floor is highly durable and powerful. It has the ability to face the toughest situation of the hospital without compromising its aesthetic sense. 


It is also called green products. Linoleum flooring is still used in hospitals. It is made up of linseed oil, jute fiber, and cork dust. The Linoleum floor has incredible antimicrobial properties to fight against microbes. 

Which Floor is good for your Hospital Facility?

Now you have a better understanding of different materials and their usage in the hospital industry. If you still face any hard time to select the best floor for the different areas of the hospital. 

Sarina flooring can help you in many ways by making this crucial decision very easy. We have professional designers and a bunch of professional teams to cater to different needs of entrances, treatment areas, emergency rooms, patient rooms, and cafeteria, etc. 

We have Anti-Bacterial Flooring in Pakistan with plenty of other options with less stress and noise reductions. We’ll be more than happy to provide free quotes based on your requirement.