Homogeneous Vinyl Floor for Medicare

Choosing the tiles of your own choice can be stressful at some stage of life. It is mentally creative process. It is difficult part of renovation journey, though tiles cover living space. When you intend to choose tiles for home and office space, however, homogenous vinyl flooring is good choice due its hard and beautiful structure.

Homogeneous vinyl flooring has very good strength. Their durability is very high for high foot fall areas. The Homogeneous are recommended in healthcare industry and school too. They can be used in colleges because of their flexibility and ease of cleaning process.

They’re made up of single compact layer. Thus, homogeneous floors are glued to the floor. It is very good for strength and especially for protection of people. Sarina flooring features a special layer to decrease sound transmission. It can easily absorb shocks

Types of Vinyl Flooring


Vinyl floors are very popular because of their durability, and versatility. Homogeneous vinyl is manufactured from 1 single layer that gives vibrancy and intensity of color. It is long lasting and stain resistant floor which makes it an excellent flooring choice for heavy site visitor area.

ESD Flooring

ESD tile floors is a strong vinyl product presenting a fantastic static control performance floor. Our ESD vinyl tile is a super desire for smooth rooms, fitness care applications, electronics manufacturing, labs and teaching areas or anywhere where static control is essential.

Rubber Molded Stairs

Rubber molded stairs are molded of pinnacle first-rate, homogeneous rubber and designed for business and commercial use. Tapered nosing ensures a better in shape at the same time as the smooth rear border permits for easy cleaning and preservation. It is ideal for use in public stairways which include office buildings, condominiums, rental buildings, and retail stores.

vinyl flooring

Famous in places with heavy footfall

A well-hooked up vinyl floor is saThe nature of homogenous tiles is dense. They have very good bending nature. These tiles are can handle pressure of extreme weight, and their would-be least signs of breakage which makes them perfect for areas with heavy foot fall, such as shopping malls and offices. They are also suitable for applying tiles in homes. ort of impervious to water penetration, making this the best floor for use in a toilet, kitchen, laundry room, or other high moisture space in the home.

Power to absorb water

The absorption rate of water in homogenous tiles is very less if we compared with ceramic or any other tiles. It implies they’re least water resistant. They are amazing choices for areas such as kitchen, outdoor patios and washroom. They’re durable in nature. However, it is non-properties is least affected by changing weather and moisture. The nature of homogenous tiles is very versatile except of floor in living space it can be used in washroom wall and kitchen splash.

Very less maintenance

The out layer of homogeneous tiles is easy to clean. These tiles are stain and chemical free. They do not absorb any water. Thus, it makes them easier to clean. Moreover, homogeneous tiles hardly catch any stains. The homogeneous tiles doesn’t require any special care. The longevity of homogeneous tiles is very prolonged and there are minimum chances of having any cracks or chips on the tile. Moreover, homogeneous tile is best choice for areas which have more chances of scratches on floor such as health care, households with children, offices and industrial sector.

High performance

The homogeneous tiles are not coated with lustrous surface. The colors of homogenous tiles circle around whole clay. Moreover, tiles are kept in high temperature, which increases the strength of homogenous tiles. These tiles are very good choice for residential and business space. In sum up, they’re excellent choice than any other flooring.

Cost of homogeneous tiles

The consumer believes Homogeneous tiles are expensive to installed. Whereas other tiles flooring such as ceramic tiles and vinyl flooring are cheap. The homogeneous tiles are not expensive and they’re fairly affordable as compare to other flooring options. Since, they're worthy investment due to its durability and hard structure.

Beautiful designs

Homogeneous tiles are different in nature. The designs of floor are very limited in number. As a matter of fact, they are not as varied. Similarly, homogeneous tiles usually available in solid colors and grain-like pattern, which is complementary to most spaces.

Installation of Homogenous Floor

The Homogeneous tiles are not tricky even if their structure is hard which is somehow difficult to cut. If you’re planning to install Homogenous tiles just take expert opinion before installing it. The reason is that Homogenous Floor requires strong foundation of living space to provide aid to hold extra weight of the tiles. It is very crucial to install homogeneous tiles from professionals rather than amateurs. The choice of wrong professional can cost you additional cost.

In conclusion

Sarina flooring has wide variety of flooring rather than Homogenous Vinyl Flooring. We take pride in workmanship. We’re always helpful to provide free quotations. For any inquiries or assistance please give us a call back on following number.