EDPM Flooring Which is Safe & Resistant


EPDM Flooring in Pakistan is a synthetic rubber made from ethylene, propylene, and diene monomer. It has great tensile strength and is very resistant to environmental stresses. EPDM sheets are used as a flooring material is widely used as safety in playgrounds as it is nontoxic and children safe. Not that it is only used in playgrounds, it is also used in gyms, sports academies, badminton and tennis field, kindergartens, and sometimes in offices as well.
Its tenacity, durability, easy and low-cost installation is making it a big-time essential in the market. EPDM Flooring in Pakistan is not yet widely popular because people are more inclined towards the traditional flooring systems and there is not much awareness about this product.

The reason for using EPDM Flooring

Who wants pain when you can have all fun and games? Many of the playground injuries result in serious health damages and the risk can be eliminated by using EPDM Flooring in playgrounds. It’s non-slippery and shock absorbing tendency makes the playtime stress-free. Residential areas near the playgrounds may cause inconvenience to the residents due to all the hustle-bustle.
EPDM has noise absorbing ability and remarkably reduces the noise. Considerably a long period of time is required for it to wear out making it worthwhile. The wide range of colors makes it aesthetically pleasing. As it resists damage from heat so, EPDM flooring in Pakistan can be successfully installed and used in different areas.
As in every good seed, there is a piece of bad. EPDM flooring also has some of its disadvantages too which are stated as fellow:


It is incompatible with most of the oils, gasoline, kerosene, and concentrated acids. The use of cleaning agents increases the risk of wear and tear. A surface that can not be properly cleaned results in an unhygienic environment which can cause a number of health problems.

In local market

The EPDM Flooring is making its way to Pakistan as well. Although it is still not as widely used or is popular as in other countries but for sure it can be said that Pakistan is in steps towards EPDM flooring in kindergarten, playground, gyms, and hospitals.
Pakistan is an exporter of EPDM which means EPDM flooring in Pakistan can become a very sustainable business if consideration is given. Some firms are running successfully, importing and exporting, manufacturing and supplying EPDM rubber.

In sporting industry

There are fabulous advantages of using EPDM Flooring in Pakistan. This flooring system is exclusively designed for outdoor sports such as running tracks, tennis courts, basketball courts, moreover, on cricket grounds too. The EPDM material is primarily based on the multiplayer of polyurethane particles that prevent injuries. However, due to polyurethane particles it greatly resistant to weather changes.

Final verdict

The installation and replacement of EPDM Flooring require great expertise and experience for it to last long without complaints. Clients have their concerns and they always want the best results. EPDM Flooring in Pakistan has grown exponentially over the years is available to save them from a tough grind.
EPDM floors are specially designed to provide comfort and protection. These are designed mainly for playgrounds. EPDM Flooring in Pakistan has broadened horizons regarding this whole idea. It’s a huge innovation in our lives which guarantees safety and protection.

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